A Sound Decision - Did not deliver products I paid for.

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I contract A Sound Decision with the website www.asounddecision.com to come out and build a home theater for me.in our contract was that there is a $8500 allowance for accoustic paneling that we decided we were not doing.

A Sound decision still has not delivered the Rope Lighting for $750, the MRFA-600M wall dimmer for $1049.93, the Stewart Cinecurve screen for $10987, 1 of the Fathom 12" subwoofers for $6000. This leaves $18786.93 of undelivered equipment. I will pay the remainig 10% per the contract when all equipment is delivered per their contract.

According to my calculations the $15,903.70 balance less the $8500 for accountic allowance leaves $7403.70 to deliver all remaining equipment and hook it up.I would be willing to pay $7403.70 this to get all remaining equipment and have it hooked up.

Review about: Quality Of Service.



Sounds about right.He is a crook.

He has ripped off more people than you. He doesn't have near the experance he says he has and he wil tell you anything to close the deal.

My experance was terrible and his worker were sub par.I don't even tell people they did anywork in my house.

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